St Bernadettes Nursing Home

The Home has been designed with the Residents’ safety and comfort in mind. We aim to give a high standard of general and pyschological nursing care, i.e. for Alzheimers and Dementia, administered by qualified staff 24 hours a day. The objective is to maintain a warm, relaxed and homely atmosphere.

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St Bernadette’s Nursing Home is an environment which enables Residents to achieve their physical, intellectual and emotional potential and social capacities. The Home has a nurturing ambience and undertakes personal care that emphasises the promotion of well being and belonging.

The Residents are shown a high degree of respect in keeping with the importance of age with constant regard being paid to their varying and changing needs, both physical and psychologically.

St Bernadette’s Nursing Home specialises in helping adults with diverse medical conditions including Dementia or Alzheimer’s relating illnesses, assisting with activities including eating, washing and bathing for those less able to fulfill or perform these and other daily tasks.

The Residents at St Bernadette’s are regarded and treated in a way which allows the maintenance of dignity and self respect, whilst at all times being allowed to express their talents, views and sensitivities. Due courtesy is always shown. They are also encouraged to have access to privacy and are not subjected to rigid and inflexible daily routines. The expression of individuality and personality are encouraged, especially in regard to those persons with ethnic beliefs, dress, food preferences and general daily activities.

Appropriate Activities

The Activity Co-ordinator has the relevant knowledge and skills to provide appropriate activities which improve the relationship within the home. Activities are set up so that all the Residents who wish to participate are able to do so without feeling pressured or obliged. St Bernadette’s Nursing Home has a diverse programme of activities i.e. Arts & Crafts, Quizzes, Musical Movement, Bingo, Sing a long, watching Television and outside activities such as shopping and outings, as well as individuals coming in to entertain.

Good food is one of life’s greatest joys and we pride ourselves in providing traditional home cooked food. Meals served in the home are at all times wholesome, plentiful and balanced. Dietary requirements and personal preferences catered for.

Framework of Guidelines and Regulations

St Bernadette’s operates within the framework of guidelines and regulations issued by various statutory bodies. All recommended procedures are adhered to with sensible awareness and the interests of the Residents held paramount at all times. Equipment is installed in the home to ease the mobility of the Residents including lifts, hand rails and bath hoist etc. The building complies with all the technical and physical requirements of the registering and other authorities.

We aim to enhance the service we provide to the Residents by continually appraising our understanding of their requirements. We achieve this by training the staff, enhancing our system and developing our understanding and knowledge across our business for the benefit of the Residents and their relatives alike.


The health and well being of each Service User are monitored by the Registered Nurses 24 hours a day. The Chiropodist, Dentist and G.Ps will visit as and when required.

All care is carried out in a respectful manner ensuring that dignity is maintained and the right to privacy and confidentiality is observed at all times.


Friends and Relatives are encouraged to visit at any reasonable time and take an active role if they wish.

Scale of Fees

All fees are by negotiation with our Administrator, the Care Manager, CCG Partnership Commissioning Unit and the Relatives.