We value the opinions of residents and family members. It’s what helps us to keep improving all the time. We particularly cherish those comments we have received where the extra effort we put into our care is not only recognised, but has also benefited our residents.


In September 2010, after several years of suffering from a long term medical condition my wife Doreen was admitted to Pinfold Lodge, the nursing care home in Hunmanby. At that point I had been caring for her for a number of years, so it was with grave misgivings that I relinquished this personal responsibility. Unfortunately, she passed peacefully away in the early hours of April 9th 2013. It did, however, serve also as a prompt to reflect on the care accorded to her by the Pinfold facility.

Her time in Pinfold Lodge had a pre-ordained outcome, yet throughout she had been accorded care with dignity. Most notable was that each member of staff, irrespective of their position within the care team, acted with diligence and humour, which helped both sides to deal with moments of crisis. Staff members treated visiting relatives and friends with courtesy, welcoming them during the very generous and flexible visiting times.

Most reassuring was the standard of accommodation Regular housekeeping was evident, including linen changing and maintenance of the electrical appliances and fittings.

Another reassuring touch was the personalisation of the rooms with photographs,ornaments, flowers and like. Relatives of prospective residents can be reassured of the overall thoughtfulness in this respect.

At the end those sensitive matters were handled with competence and understanding for the relatives. This eased what otherwise could have been a trying and traumatic period of readjustment.

To all members of staff I would say thank you. Your contribution did not go unnoticed. And it was appreciated.

Ian Garrow, Bay Crescent, Filey. (April 2013)

“We would like to thank all of you for showing such care for Marjorie, she was so special to us and knowing she was looked after so well was a great comfort to us. Many thanks for your kindness and great care.”

Paul & Carol Clifford (Marjorie Pirt)

“Residents are all so well cared for by the staff.”

Barbara Stringfellow (John Stringfellow)

“Thank you for looking after our mother and our family too. You are all so kind. Nothing is too much trouble, whatever I ask for.”